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By the way this is an awesome product, I would say we have used one over 100 times in the training of our staff actually sliding them down a flight of steps! To my knowledge we have re-inflated it only once over the several years that we have used it!

Richard Fincher – Maintenance Branch Manager, Thomson-Hood Veterans Center


The terrain in Eastern Kentucky has it’ s own inherent difficulties, but when you add snow and slick roads to the equation, it can get messy quick. So, when we received a call of an ATV accident on a morning after a 6-8″ snowfall, we knew we would need more than the customary 2 person crew to respond.

The call we were going on was of a male who was clearing his driveway with an ATV, and had went over an embankment, into a creek. My partner and I responded in a 4 wheel drive SUV that we use for a backup vehicle in these circumstances. As we were going out the door we grabbed an Evacupod, and took it with us. We had recently received 4 of these units which had been purchased  with a grant. Though our rescuers had not been fully trained in use of the device, we felt that the device would be very simple to operate.

We arrived in the area to find bystanders directing us to a creek with a retaining wall on either side. The patient was partially in the water and two of our personnel went to him along with a bystander. I took the Evacupod and other equipment to the patient area, while my partner and a group of bystanders waited on top of the retaining wall. We were able to secure the patient in the Evacupod and raise him up, with the help of those on top, out of the creek.

This went exceptionally well, and everyone involved raved about the functionality and ease of use of the Evacupod. While we had not all been trained on this product, it’ s ease of use was evident. It showed it’ s durability while being scraped over the retainer blocks at the top of the wall. It is light weight, and I consider it a great substitute for a Stokes basket, when a Stokes basket isn’t available. As most ambulances don’t have the room to carry a Stokes basket, or other similar product, and often have to wait for one to be brought to scene, I can see this product being of great use to cut down patient extraction time. Thanks for bringing us such a great tool. We look forward to using this product in the future.

Charles Elrod – Assistant Manager, Trans Star Ambulance Service-Hindman Station


There was an interdisciplinary inservice to instruct  Nursing Services of  the Evacupod™ Emergency Evacuation Systems some time ago at this facility. The clinical and technical reviews were both very favorable. The expectation was to purchase Evacupods™ as soon as funding could be provided. 

Good luck with your new contract,

Pat Jones – Nursing Services VAMC


To whom it may Concern:

I am SSG John Breitweg. Recently, I had the opportunity ti use the Evacupod™ system. I was extremely impressed. The concept is definitely an asset for a combat medic. I have been a medic for over 16 years in the Army, and we have always used the SKED. The SKED you have to unroll, then flip it over roll it up, flip it over again, unroll it, then put the patient on it. So cumbersome. But with the Evacupod™, put the patient on it and you’re ready to go. I would recommend it to anyone. 

Your truly,

SSG John Breitweg  – Combat Medic, United States Army


To whom it may concern:

I had the chance to view a demonstration of the Evacupod system agh the KY Governor’s Emergency Management conference in July 2009. The Evacupod system “cocoons” the patient, which is an essential component in an evacuation and gives the assurance that a patient would be protected during evacuation procedures. It was also positive to know that the patients safety was kept in mind. The ease of use transferring the patient, when staff is limited, is also an asset. 

Healthcare facilities face challenges in storing products, however, the Evacupod’s compact design allows the ability to store many units in a limited space. During an emergency, the carry bag will ease the disbursement to the requesting entities.

I was very impressed with the overall design of the product. I would like to make a recommendation for emergency management personnel to consider the Evacupod as a viable product to meet their facilities evacuation needs. 

Terri Montgomery, BS, MT, ASCP, CHC – Emergency Management Specialist, Central Baptist Hospital


Hello my name is Raymond Johnson. I have researched the Evacusled and the Evacupod, two different versions of this product. Our Hospital has chosen the Evacupod. Not only is it easier to operate and train staff on, it is easier and safer for the patient. While cost was not considered during our evaluation, the Evacupod was more cost effective. 

With the Evacusled, several of our beds (Versacare’s) would have to be altered to accept the Evacusled. By the time you consider all the changes that have to be made, I think the Evacupod is the safest and best product of its kind on the market. 

Raymond Johnson – Biomed Engineering Tech, VA Medical Center


To Whom It May Concern:

I recently had the opportunity to review the Evacupod Systems for potential use in my facility.  After looking at the three systems available, I realized that the products offered  would meet each and every need within my evacuation policy and procedures. I am particularly impressed that all facets of evacuation have been addressed, from safety, wound care, nursing, and administration, all with specific patient needs in mind.

I particularly like the Maxi Air Evacupod because it addresses the issue of patients with wounds. To my knowledge this is the only Low Air Loss mattress that contains an evacuation device. I have used the Max Air mattress for over three years and as promised by my representative, the results were phenomenal.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Evacupod systems as a solution to your evacuation needs.


Myra Hocutt – Administrator, Plaza West Health Care


To whom it may concern,

Louisville VA Hospital recently reviewed the Evacupod system. The cost in comparison to other models was very competitive. The interdisciplinary staff involved in the demonstration, were all pleased with this product development, use and demonstration. (Staff present included; nurses, nurse managers, biomedical personnel, environmental services and central supply personnel).

  • Demonstration of this system showed ease of use in operation with minimal personnel involved. (I was able to move a patient without assistance down hallway and downstairs.)

  • Interdisciplinary staff were involved in the demonstration, all agreed to ease of use, and that staff would be able to be effectively trained.

  • The vendor will provide around the clock training for staff with follow up for educational needs.

  • Buying new bed systems is not necessary with this system as it can be adapted to current medical equipment.

  • Patient safety is secure.  The Evacupod will not likely fail or give way and will protect patients’ from the outside environment during transport to a safe location.


Leah Craycroft – Certfied Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse, VA Medical Center











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