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EVACUPOD is the "multi-tool" of patient rescue systems. The EVACUPOD is a compact and portable backpack mounted four-in-one device offering a Rescue Sled, Fast Litter, Flotation Device, Patient Restraint, and Stabilization. It is an air cocoon of patient protection.  

If you have to purchase each rescue device individually that EVACUPOD offers, it would could cost thousands of dollars. The EVCACUPOD does it all for a fraction of the price! 


The patented and proven multi-purpose reusable rescue system is comprised of next generation material and inflatable technology which combine to make once impossible rescues possible. They have “multi-inflation” capabilities which means they can deploy with easily attainable regular paint ball style CO2 canisters, 1-shot rip cord CO2 canisters, SCBA tanks, compressed air, and even some vehicle tire stems in mass emergency situations. There is nothing like it in the world. They are designed to float, be dragged, or lifted, all while stabilizing a patient.  They even offer a level of hypothermia protection. The Evacupod is durable, reusable, sustainable, and easily transported.     


A Competitive Advantage:

The EvacugearTM designed rescue systems are "rescue force multipliers." They allow one rescuer to do the work of several with a compact, quickly deployable unit to save lives. 

This same rescue evacuation using the current obsolete stretcher tech can take four or more rescuers!   One rescuer with EVACUPOD Rescue Device = One life saved. One rescuer can get one patient evacuated to safety in minutes!


The EVACUPOD compact and portable backpack units can be carried to or mounted in any location or vehicle. The backpack design is compact and maneuverable in tight spaces and hard to access hard to reach emergency locations by one rescuer.  They can be fully deployed and operated by a single user and ready to evacuate an ambulatory person in seconds.  


Not taking up much more room than a wall mounted fire extinguisher, Evacupod™ systems should be mounted on every floor of every high-rise office, residential building, hotel, hospital, nursing home, cruise sh ip, sports arena and stadium, public spaces, etc. You never know where disaster will strike, and seconds can mean survival. EvacugearTM next generation rescue systems can give you the edge to get out alive. 

EVACUPOD currently serves Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Colleges & Universities, Commercial Buildings, Military, Fire Departments, EMS, Swift Water Rescue, Prisons and Corrections, Healthcare, Maritime, and Industrial. Our customers have included the VA, FEMA, multiple healthcare facilities, military, and first responders.

EvacugearTM has more than a dozen different rescue systems to meet specific needs or requirements as well as multiple new products under development.  Email us at with any questions on our products and how they can help you.


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